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[Guide] : STARGATE Costumes, Uniforms / Cosplay, Airsoft

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[Guide] : STARGATE Costumes, Uniforms / Cosplay, Airsoft


English Version [UK] [US]




Notice to fans of the STARGATE franchise, Airsofters and Cosplayers. Bookmark this article !

It is now possible to create your own costume, cosplay or military airsoft uniform on the theme of the Stargate franchise.


Indeed, this guide consists of 18 PDF files, that is to say no less than 200 pages at your disposal free of charge in this article below.


The guide details some 18 different outfits visible in the Stargate franchise with :
- Exact items or certified copies making up the outfit.
- Prices and addresses to purchase the items.
- Valuable advice to avoid mistakes.


Help to assemble your costume / uniform as closely as possible to the original.

Click on the links below :




Stargate Movie 1994 :


- Movie 1994

Stargate SG-1 :


- SGTeam : Garnison
- SGTeam : Green sage OD Olive
- SGTeam : Black
- SGTeam : Desert
- SGTeam : Woodland
- SGTeam : Russian
- SGTeam : USGI AT-Digital SG-25
- SGTeam : USMC Woodland Digital SG-3/SG-12

Stargate Atlantis :


- SGAtlantis : USMC Woodland Digital (See file SGTeam)
- SGAtlantis : USMC Desert Digital (See file SGU)
- SGAtlantis : USMC Urban Digital
- SGAtlantis : Garnison
- SGAtlantis : Panels
- SGAtlantis : Black

Stargate Universe :


- SGUniverse : Black
- SGUniverse : USAF Tiger Digital
- SGUniverse : USMC Desert Digital

Stargate USAF :


- USAF : Blue Dress
- USAF : Pilots and Techniciens





Original French version [FR] and English version [UK] [US] available 
On the  OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the GeekSF association.

Our partners :  The association SG-4F  and website Stargate Fusion 


Please note 

If you wish to promote the article using the links, please contact me by private message or contact@geeksf.com.


The files may undergo updates.
Open to suggestions, say it in the comments.

Edited by mate

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